Clinic Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the lives of our clients and patients, and all the people and animals we interact with on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

Through the practice of preventive and integrative veterinary medicine, we are helping and allowing pets to live their healthiest/best life and, therefore, maximizing and extending the bond each client has with their beloved pet.

Clinic Values Statement

  1. We are committed to Excellence in the field of veterinary medicine. Our goal is to be the best clinic in Oklahoma at loving and caring for people and pets and to create something bigger than ourselves and leave a lasting legacy that survives long past all of our careers.
  2. We value honesty, integrity, dependability, work ethic, compassion, boldness, humility, leadership, teamwork, and doing the right thing. We believe in being upstanding people.
  3. We are committed to and value the opportunity to care for clients and their pets equally by communicating and providing answers and solutions to pets medical problems through the practice of great preventive and integrative veterinary medicine.
  4. We value and are committed to providing a superior customer experience. Each vet tech/assistant and receptionist is the head manager in charge of taking care of the client and pet that has been assigned to them. Take charge and be great at caring for people and their pets.
  5. We value and are committed to creating and maintaining a practice culture that focuses on accomplishing our mission through teamwork, encouragement, positivity, focus, and consistency of the 405 Vet team.
  6. We value and are committed to creating and maintaining a practice that focuses on career development and personal development of employees by encouraging development of interpersonal skills and development of emotional intelligence/maturity as well as expansion of veterinary knowledge base and veterinary technical skills. We empower our employees.
  7. We value and are committed to maintaining a clean, odor free clinic that is organized and free of clutter.
  8. We value and are committed to constant improvement and growth in our field. Stagnate people and businesses are everywhere and it slowly destroys those people and businesses. We will not allow ourselves to become the victim of stagnation.
  9. We value the opportunity to make a good first impression.
  10. We value every single interaction with all clients and patients. Our profession is amazing because we can accomplish our purpose and mission through each appointment for that one client and pet. We focus on accomplishing our purpose for each client.